Tristan's Testimony 4/2014

Well I could tell you a huge testimony and just tell you how much the lord has blessed me on this mission, but something I have learned is that sometimes the most powerful testimonys are the simplest! So I will quickly share that I know without a doubt this is the true church, that there is a God and he loves each and everyone of us! I know that because of the lord I am able to have a strong family in the church and because of his son Jesus Christ I can be forgiven of my sins and make it back to him! One of my favorite quotes that I heard from the conference is from President Dieter F. Uchtdorf its in 1 nephi and it simply states that it is AFTER all we do, that by gods grace we will be saved!

March 2016

March 27, 2016....
Hahaha thats funny I can get chickens here on the street anytime I want if I want a pet hahaha. but they are noisy and hard to clean up after. anyways I will quickly write my week because we are coming back later to email.... I hurt my ankle again and its pretty swollen and bruised right now and hurts but I can walk on it so its only a minor sprain again hahah on the excat same ankle, I need to buy and ankle brace here. ...So this week has been full of miracles lots of people started asking us about our religion and we where able to go through plan of salvation with one and the other the restoration and the book of mormon so hopefully they pray and read and do what they need to to find out the truth. but I hope you guys are still awake when you read this, I love you guys HAPPY EASTER SUNDAY. The resurrection of our savior is important to remember. miss you guys write more later but I will send pics soon and oh I forgot so with my leg my ankle this old lady in our ward massaged it then like helped it and put this lotion on it and it burned so bad but the swelling has gone down but the heat from the lotion is still there and that happened yesterday haha. but doing good still working even tho i can't move very fast. I have a lot of support from the members so its been nice. Love you guys write more later. Love Elder Herrin aka Forest Gump when he was crippled hahahaha

March 20, 2016... Thats awesome a temple dedication. . So where do I start. Being District leader has been good, the work is good everything has been good. I will start with the bday, went really well like the whole ward came and so I ended up buying 5 boxes of juice. and then bought him jolliebee for his bday, the first bday on the mission has to be a good one so I tried my best to make it fun. So I want to tell you this story about this girl here, shes honestly way strong and is getting baptized her name is Grace. So when she was 14 her sisters husband now tried to rape her she has scars on her arms from it, the reason her sister married the guy was so that he would leave her alone. There mom left them and there dad has to work in the mountains so he is rarely around. She raises her little brother on her own and honestly I want to slap the little kid sometimes but I can't blame him. his sister has to balance school and taking care of the house. .  her house has dirt floors by the way. And she has been sick this whole week, I am worried about her because shes not eating and I am sure she is scared to bother her dad for money because they have so little as it already is. I will send a pic of her next time but its been sad. I feel awful for her. but I have been praying for her, she wants to be baptized on her bday so we are going to make that happen but shes turning 18 this April 9th I think. Its so hard to see some of the members here, we had another member while I was here that we gave her a bday party shes an older woman now but she cried and said she never has had cake on her bday since her husband was alive. So its been hard but just amazing to see there faith and there strength. But some not depressing news would be in three days i come home in 5 months. And its dads bday tomorrow. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD. LOVE YOU TONS. I will also write him and tell him happy bday. Man with all the bad that happens in the world its important to count your blessings. Don't just look at the bad but try to notice more of the positive things. I have found on the mission its so much happier and better if I am not constantly looking at the bad. But This week has been good I went on exchanges with the AP's this last tuesday and we got great numbers. oym- 43 total lessons taught 6 and we also contacted some mormons that havent been to church in forever and that all happened in 1 day, Through the Atonement of Jesus Christ nothing is impossible. But doing great out here getting used to sleeping on the floor haha my basketball has improved I can cross over anyone. I will send pics soon, Love you guys. Love Elder Herrin aka Tiny Tim hahaha

March 13, 2016... So feeling a lot better. I am liking the area so far. we have exchanges with the AP's this tuesday so that should be fun, we are working hard and have two more baptisms coming up and we had two this last saturday which went well. The secret to staying happy on the mission is always trying to look for the positive in everything. If I am always looking at the negative I find myself unhappy, sad or something else. Thats my challenge for you guys this week is look at everything positive. I also read a talk about the atonement recently it was amazing it almost brought me to tears because thinking about it and what jesus did for us. I will have to look it up real quick so I can have you guys read it, its hard to explain but its amazing. :) What else. . . Oh I never told you the story of one of our investigators, so the first week or first sunday I was in Lopez I had the experience of lifting and carrying our investigator out of his little bamboo house to the road where is wheel chair was because it was raining and muddy outside. Of course it was a cool experience because I was the only one strong enough to carry him that far and it built my testimony because he wants to be baptized because of the sacrifice of me and my comp. Now every sunday we help him to his wheel chair and push him through the dirt to get to the road where a tricycle waits for him. Its an awesome experience and is awesome to see them smile because of it. So what else I am trying to keep you updated as much as possible, so much things happen every week but I forget them right when I get into the computer shop I feel like haha. We are going to a recent converts bday today and we bought cake so this should be fun, we are planning on games also so I am excited, also we have service later today I am not sure what it is but I just know its hott outside ahahaha... I am almost at 5 months left its going so fast I don't know if I will be ready to go home when the time comes. But I do know that I will miss this place and all the people in it. Anyways love you all and sending pics soon. Love you very much Love Elder Herrin aka TARZAN

March 6, 2016... So first scary but a blessing on thursday I was really sick with a fever and chills and just a weak body but we worked all day. I forgot to mention last week I did my first baptismal interview and we have two baptisms coming up this week next week and the week after so lots of blessings. but back to the story when I got home around 8:30 pm because I couldn't work anymore i went right too bed, I woke up around 11:30 to go to the restroom luckily my comp and the other philippino in the apartment were still up because while I was in the cr or restroom I passed out, I don't remember what happened I just remember waking up and them lifting me up into a chair. the thing that was the blessing from that is that the floor is cement I should have hit my head on the cement but somehow my hurt foot gave out and I hit in to the door first that saved my fall from being bad. But I am okay now I think its just because I am working so hard and so tired always and then I haven't eaten I think I lost 10 pounds here just in my first two weeks. So it was bad but I am eating well now and doing good. even tho I was sick this week we ended up with 40 something lessons and 65 oym. So anyways thats my week. there are 4 elders in the apartment two philippinos and two americans. .....What else I saw this mormon movie about home teaching funniest movie ever look it up and watch it its hilarious haha. its called "The home teachers." Its two white guys one fat one that reminds me of family we will just say hahah. :) But I am glad everyone is doing good, a member got robbed last night also I am living the gangster life out here haha. .... anyways love you trust the lord always Love Elder Herrin aka Michael Scott