Tristan's Testimony 4/2014

Well I could tell you a huge testimony and just tell you how much the lord has blessed me on this mission, but something I have learned is that sometimes the most powerful testimonys are the simplest! So I will quickly share that I know without a doubt this is the true church, that there is a God and he loves each and everyone of us! I know that because of the lord I am able to have a strong family in the church and because of his son Jesus Christ I can be forgiven of my sins and make it back to him! One of my favorite quotes that I heard from the conference is from President Dieter F. Uchtdorf its in 1 nephi and it simply states that it is AFTER all we do, that by gods grace we will be saved!

January 2016

January 3rd- So thats crazy and I will be out on a mission for over 2 yrs.. that means the lord needs me out longer or hes playing a sick joke hahahah just kidding. (his release date is August 24th) .... anyways I am doing good, there has been a few nights its hard to sleep because mosquitos and what not eating me alive haha. we have a baptism date set for January 23 for a girl so that should be awesome I am excited for that I need to get to work on that. Everyone has a goal for new years but most never reach there goal because they give up, they don't realize there potential and progress they have made. anyways i am doing good, healthy I think and still smiling haha. :) ....New years was good, its super fun here for new years we stayed up until about 1 then passed out but we got invitations like crazy to eat with people around the neighborhood and sing and what not I was so full everytime we went to a new house I just drank water or juice then ate 1 grape haha. :) .... Love you guys hope all is well. love Elder Herrin aka The Terminator
January 10th-So where do I begin.. let me just go through each day of the week.. I will start on wednsday- we went to district meeting then was spiritual and great to hear.. then i tried to stand up and my pants ripped so now i have one pair left... later that day we where traveling to San pablo for the check up and on the bus a little kid pooped and it smelt so bad hahaha so for an hour I was breathing through my tie and when other people got on the bus they immediately got back off because of the smell haha there faces where so funny. then right after that awful bus ride my new shoes got a hole in one and I stepped in the sewer on accident and so my whole shoe smelt like poop haha thats what I got for laughing on the bus so I threw those shoes away and bought two new pairs that night with my support money haha. thursday it was a great meeting learned a lot but when we where going home on the bus I accidently dropped 1000 pesos and I just told my self someone else needs that money more than me haha.. then it was getting pretty late and we got lost in batangas but some how found a jeepney that was going part way to our area and dropped us off then outta now where a van pulled up going to balayan our area.. what a miracle after an awful day haha we where so tired.. then friday went well I got a soar throat and have a little cold now but am doing okay.. skip to sunday we had the family attend again and the mom has a baptismal goal date for january 30th so I am excited for that hopefully that works out for us. :) What else Oh I was going to tell you when you read the book of mormon go through it and highlight all the names of Jesus christ it makes it so much more awesome.. it helped me read it and want to read it more because it was like a game almost but a super spiritual boost......people love us here which is good you just have to get to know the people in your area or else it will always be awkward so I just talk to everyone i figured friends first. :) But love you guys and am doing good even tho I am running low on dough I will be fine. Love you guys so much glad to hear all is well always pray for me and I will for you. Miss you guys but the lords work won't slow down for anyone. Love Elder Herrin aka Justin Bieber join the movement haha
January 17th-I have been good this week lots of blessings.. my comp lost his camera tho and so I feel sorry for him because I know his family doesn't have much. he doesn't want to tell his mom he lost his camera because he doesn't want her to worry. but anyways we had 5 investigators come to church and tons of less actives so we are doing great and having much success. :) .... so the family we are teaching the dad gave up alchol and we didn't even teach a real lesson to him we just told him the things in word of wisdom. but love you guys and hope all is well.. seeing lots of miracles here and enjoying everyday as it comes. the key to being happy all the time is service and smiling no matter you tons love Elder Herrin aka mean machine
January 24th- So big news we have another baptism this coming saturday she passed her interview so I am super excited for her. . . hopefully it will get her family going and get more prepared for baptism. :) We are doing good here we have interviews with president on feb. 1st so I am excited for his counsel and what he has for me. But time is going so quick weeks are flying by and time is running out. . . to be honest I don't know if I want to go home haha, it is going to be so different and I don't know if I am going to be prepared to be back home. But I will just do my best when I get back and work hard, stay busy. Its going to be sad coming home I have grown to love the Philippines so much and the hospitality here is amazing. . .  even when they don't have much and we are walking by the people always some come eat and its pretty awesome even tho sometimes they are drunk a lot haha... I am starting to learn how to cook noodles really well in different ways haha I am a pro at cooking noodles and boiling eggs now haha and cooking rice hahaha. . Love you guys work is good and still sweat like a pig everyday but doing the right way haha. love you guys tons. love Elder Herrin aka Pretty boy

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