Tristan's Testimony 4/2014

Well I could tell you a huge testimony and just tell you how much the lord has blessed me on this mission, but something I have learned is that sometimes the most powerful testimonys are the simplest! So I will quickly share that I know without a doubt this is the true church, that there is a God and he loves each and everyone of us! I know that because of the lord I am able to have a strong family in the church and because of his son Jesus Christ I can be forgiven of my sins and make it back to him! One of my favorite quotes that I heard from the conference is from President Dieter F. Uchtdorf its in 1 nephi and it simply states that it is AFTER all we do, that by gods grace we will be saved!

October 2015

October 5, 2015....We get to see conference next week:( but I am excited. I am doing good, ready for a transfer but also happy to still be in this area at the same time. Our investigator has trouble reading its hard for him but we are helping him hes a good kid and has really changed his life. I love the lord and just his love he has for everyone and the love he has for me.  I love the lord and I know he needs me so I know he has prepared a way for me and will help me the whole way.:) I love the quote "If you ask for god to help you, it means you trust his ability. If he doesn't help you yet, that means he trusts yours." I am doing good and will send pics later but my friend is borrowing my card reader so just wait:) Love you all and Happy Halloween Love Elder Herrin aka Halloween Cat hahaha tell everyone congrats and love them all very much

. Its super pretty there, the water fall was huge. we went steep climbing up the other side and we where super high up and this Elder i was with is a tall kid and fell and started sliding down which probably could have killed him but this little branch saved him then I was able to grab him and pull him to safety haha! it was exciting


October 11, 2015....Ya I was really disappointed this week because conference down here was super noisy and hot and skipped a ton of talks! But I will take some time to print them and read them or reread them.. but saturday conference was pretty good and priesthood session i enjoyed both. I really loved Elder Bednar he is such a great guy honestly! anyways good week other than that not a lot of work got done because we where back and forth to are area and lucena.. i got to see some old friends tho from my past wards I served in so that was a blessing. I am going to send pics soon for you guys there pretty cool. just hold on. :) Love Elder Herrin aka Billy Jean
October 18, 2015..Mom So cool story.. I started the challenge of the book of mormon reading and within 24 hours time I got to second nephi.. I don't know what it was but I couldn't stop reading I love the stories :) So I have seen quite a few filipino fights out here haha there kinda funny. there was a storm down here but all it was was strong winds. Manuel is acting shy around us but we love him no matter what. So the biggest news I am transferred to Batangas not sure the exact place there but i am excited and honestly sad to leave this area. My comps attitude is weird and I think its because are personalities arent the same but I try with him.. I am transferred so its okay. :) he looks good. I gave another talk this sunday and it went really well. My tagalog is alright but my english sucks haha. I want to get better at tagalog but I need to study a lot more but I can teach lessons and everything now :) Sending pics now Love Elder Herrin aka Moby Dick 

October 25, 2015....So my area is pretty freaking great, We had four baptisms this last saturday then on sunday I got to confirm one, I really felt the spirit telling what to say as I was standing there confirming him. Then everyone in my area says my taglaog is way good. but I don't see it quite yet. I have been listening to a ton of tagalog love songs and what not so its been pretty fun. So one of our investigators here got jumped by seven guys and he was in pretty awful shape but we had a really spiritual lesson with him and we talked about trials in our life. We had 3 other investigators attend church which was a huge miracle. I love the people in this area, People feed us every single day this is the most the members have fed us my whole mission. it doesn't feel like Halloween here its too hot haha. We play basketball every morning with the youth and of course we win because I am the most athletic and tallest on the court haha. ....So my new comp is my batch coming to the San pablo mission but I am senior so thats cool haha. Hes super nice kid hard working thats what I love most about him. He is from a place called Zambalas and is a pretty short kid but super cool. I need to work out down here its been too long but all we have is a little ten pound weight in our apartment haha. Look up the Song Bahala na thats my favorite song right now haha. I think there was more I was going to tell you but I forgot. I will send pics for you of the baptisms. Batangas is filled with rich people haha. Tell Katey shes almost a Grandma haha joke. Love Elder Herrin aka Jim Carrey oh and tell Anthony i thank him tons and give him this quote for me "I'm coming Father, I'm coming." -Tiny tim


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