Tristan's Testimony 4/2014

Well I could tell you a huge testimony and just tell you how much the lord has blessed me on this mission, but something I have learned is that sometimes the most powerful testimonys are the simplest! So I will quickly share that I know without a doubt this is the true church, that there is a God and he loves each and everyone of us! I know that because of the lord I am able to have a strong family in the church and because of his son Jesus Christ I can be forgiven of my sins and make it back to him! One of my favorite quotes that I heard from the conference is from President Dieter F. Uchtdorf its in 1 nephi and it simply states that it is AFTER all we do, that by gods grace we will be saved!

September 2015

September 7th 2015...So my comp got transfer and I am staying in Mauban which I am happy about!:) I have heard my new comp is pretty cool so i am excited for that! glad to hear everythings going well... I am doing good and we did find teach the investigator and he said he feels something inside him so we are going to give him a baptismal goal date on saturday so hopefully that works out, I am excited for him:) Oh tell dad to look up that motivational video about a black guy in a class room, its so freaking good!:) Tell Lucas I say to watch it too and it will motivate him in school and if that doesn't tell him to look up the video of the guy talking about his mom I almost cried haha! Love Elder Herrin aka Pony boy

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